i n s p i r e d : Meg Ryan

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

I'm not exactly a massive rom-com kind of person, but 'When Harry Met Sally' is such a classic. I watched it the other day and I fell in love with Meg Ryan's style. So 80s/90s I just can't help myself. Here are some screen shots of her looking pretty rad.

Those glasses in the top pic are my faaaav / Babytalk! That pink dress with the scalloped neck line, lovely lovely / I like her hair and those high waisted jeans, also the desk is so good. My hair is prone to some spontaneous wild 80s dos as it has 'a lot of home hair cuts' (hairdressers words) in it, so I gotta take some inspiration from her mop top.


  1. One of my favourite movies of all time ever. Her specs are brilliant.

  2. I just watched this movie today in film class. It was so good. That pink dress is the best!


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