i n s p i r e d : Marni for H&M.

Posted on: Tuesday, 21 February 2012

After the sell out Versace for H&M, I am now totally obsessed with the Marni H&M collection coming on 8th March. Unfortunately one of my new years resolutions was to buy no clothes until June! Which is going very well, but also total torture at times. I may have to break it when this collection comes out, I NEED the swimsuit. The fabrics & shapes are stunning, oh gosh, so lovely basically. & the ad is directed by Sofia Coppola, just perfect.

Studio Sunday: Sun, Spring & Sweatshirts!

Posted on: Sunday, 19 February 2012

Today has been a lazy Sunday, it's been splendidly sunny & such a feeling of spring. We actually had brunch outside (okay it was very very chilly) but things are looking up.

I can't share any photos of my studio today as it is just such a mess. Like, an unbelievable mess. But I have been taking photographs of my sweatshirts that I am trying to clear. I bought a bunch of sweatshirts a few months ago, & set about the long process of creating my own screens at home (lots of staple gunning & paint stains on tables). But since then I decided to focus on my dresses. I still enjoy screen printing, & want to print some of my own fabric to make into skirts & dresses, but for now I want to sell the last of my tees & sweats & focus on creating a lovely summer range - I have too many ideas for photo shoots & dresses & need to collect my thoughts & ideas & create something!

But for now, here are my sweatshirts, if I really love all the designs (I know I designed them but shhh), & if I could keep them myself I would, but I already have a ton of sweatshirts & I realised that my very undignified uniform for most days is an old school PE jumper & a pair of leggings. May not be super stylish, but you can't argue with comfort!

Gosh, I am such a rambler, must learn to be more concise in my words, I love to natter is the probs.

I've really got that Sunday feeling today, I think I shall have a bath, finish sewing the blinds I'm making & watch something trashy on the telly.

(Please don't forget there is a 15% discount on the whole of my shop too)

A Fruitfull Market Trip.

Posted on: Friday, 17 February 2012

Today we went to Totnes, every Friday there is a market, & they have some really lovely stuff for very reasonable prices indeed. We got so carried away we got a parking ticket. Not so reasonable.

I am on a complete mission now to buy things to put in Cornwall. In the midst of collecting art & paints. Also, I am going to try & make some roman blinds, so have been watching numerous confusing YouTube videos, that I'm sure I can't understand.

A lovely wooly blanket. Player's Please card books & two vintage tea towels, to frame. A load of frames, from charity shops, recycling centre & market, all need to be revamped. Amazing vintage linen table runners, for making into blinds.

It's going to be a busy weekend! Hope everyone's weekend is full of a mix of creativity, relaxation & partying. Of course.

Secret Admirer.

Hello there.

Well for once I have actually been a little short on things to blog about. Normally I am stopping myself from blogging too much but this week RM & I went down to Cornwall to do some decorating & being away from computers, tellies, etc was quite nice really. But also, I'm glad to get back to a bit of iPlayer.

Anyway, I have reached over 100 'admirers' on Etsy! Whatever this means, so I thought I'd celebrate. I understand this is a very small achievement, but an achievement none the less. So, I am hosting a little sale in honour. You can receive 15% off all items in my shop when you use the code SECRET at the check out :)

Tomorrow I will be putting up all of my lovingly hand screen printed tees & sweats on & they are the last ones I will be doing, each one unique & one of a kind (see some here).

Please take a little look.

Ooooh thank golly gosh it's Friday, right!


Posted on: Saturday, 11 February 2012

A whole post on labels? How boring! Well... I like them :)
I totally forgot to get pic of all my dresses together (all 8 would have looked lovely I think).
But I did get some snaps of my snazzy labels. I did these big painted ones to sew into the back of the dresses, the colours match & the shop wanted something with my brand but no website.
I think I will do them again, they have a certain impact.

Also, to attach to the dresses I did a little tag. I always enjoy doing little jobs like this, I like an excuse to play around on Photoshop. Just a brief description of me & the dresses & mainly there to reinforce the 'made in England' which I want to drill into people's brains!

Unrelated, here are two lovely new pictures by RM, I think they are very lovely...

{PS: I say lovely a lot!}

Backyard Market London (& Give Away Winner!)

Posted on: Friday, 10 February 2012

Last Sunday we spent all day freezing our socks off at the snowy Backyard Market in London. I'm not going to lie, it was a bit of a flop. Just as the country goes into a big freeze we decide to sell cotton dresses & t-shirts. Oh well. You live you learn!

Here are some pics of our stall. I thought it was very pretty as we are still market amateurs:

This week I have been frantically getting together my order for a local shop, I must learn how to organise myself! (I feel I say that a lot?) I will post some pictures soon, I forgot to get a nice image of them all together. Silly silly.

Also, I almost forgot about my first ever give away. The winner is Anya of Anya Adores. Thanks to everyone for all the support. Don't stop 'liking' me & following me please, it's very lovely of you. & watch this space, more give aways soon I promise :)

Happy weekend lovely people.

Studio Sunday: Portable Studio

Posted on: Sunday, 5 February 2012

This weekend we've been in London. Doing some cultural things, seeing some theatre, eating tasty food & visiting some galleries (gift shops).

As I'm not at home I can't show what is up in my studio - but I did take my sewing machine with me to do some last minute sewing, I set it up in the corner of the flat & it was very handy indeed.

Some other piccies of LDN:
 Me & RM eating pastries & feeling chilly & looking silly:
 Hanging animals in Borough Market:
St Pauls at night on the South Bank:
(Didn't catch any of the snow - it was pretty magical & very cold)

Oh. Snow.

Posted on: Saturday, 4 February 2012

Tomorrow me & RM will be selling a bunch of lovingly hand printed tees & sweatshirts (along with other goodies) in East London at the Backyard Market.
Don't be shy if you are a London dweller brave the snow & browse the stalls.
We will reeeeally have to wrap up warm!

{image source}

 This is a picture of Arnie when he was young & very strong & muscly looking. I don't know why.

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