Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Well well, I do hope everyone has had the most wonderful rest over the Christmas and New Year period. What a wonderful few weeks it's been. So many people seen and food consumed and toasts made. Proper. Now I must remember how to get up before midday and use my hands to sew and create things.

This video is great. Funny and weird.

Just try to think CREATIVELY.


  1. That video is s funny especially the ending! Have you heard of hackwithdesign? Or Taylor Stitch? I follow them on instagram, there both american little businesses that I discovered, I haven't bought anything yet! But one day! Love your dresses BTW, just waiting on an occasion! There is also a vintage market in Boscombe every month with lots of vintage goodies! You would love it !

    1. I follow Hackwith Design on Instagram, her style is so beautiful and sophisticated. Just looked up Taylor Stitch, thanks so much for introducing them to me! Love love love. So glad you like my dresses and keep the suggestions coming, I love to learn about these new things :)


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