Out With The Old.

Friday, 13 April 2012

It's amazing how Spring cleaning makes such sense. Something in the air makes you want to open all the windows, pull back the dusty covers & throw out old clutter. I'm feeling this a lot at the moment, literally, but also when it comes down to life & business & all those other sorts of things.

So, even though we are now long into 2012, I'm starting again with some (not) New Year resolutions:

A timetable - I've realised how important it is to structure time when you're 'self employed', if it was up to me I'd spend all day lounging around & then at about 10pm realise I have loads of work to do & end up staying awake until 5am getting headaches & drinking tea. It's really not a good plan. So. I've made myself a brief outline for a structured week that includes blogging & drawing & also time off. Otherwise you end up not enjoying your work, & working in your free time. Which doesn't make much sense at all.

30 minutes of drawing every day - I'm really awful at fashion illustration, but I'm not that awful at drawing when I sit down & concentrate on it, I've always just got so worked up about the fact I don't have a 'style' & end up giving up & getting pissed off & not getting any better. Well practice makes perfect, so I'm making myself (from today) sit down & do half an hour of drawing, copying from Vogue or an anatomy book.

Re-doing my blog or getting a proper website - Still trying to work this out, but I am definitely redesigning the look of my blog (photos). I'd really like to have a very simple, proper website that feeds off my blog & visa versa, but I'll have to think about it more as the whole thing rather confuses me.

New designs, new makes, lots more sewing - I'm just going to sew anything I feel like. I want to make as many individual & different pieces as I can. It keeps things interesting & makes more special pieces. I feel stuck in a rut with using the same fabrics & shapes but my personal way of designing is just sort of making it up as I go along. So by doing more sewing, I hope to create more & more ideas too.

(These are purely I Know goals - I also need to sort out other personal goals - but they are too hard - learning to drive, learning to speak French, doing exercise, read more. The usual)

What a rambler! I'm all talk & no action ehh. Oh deary me.
Here are some starting points for new blog design:


  1. Great post Izzy. Have you ever watched TED talks? You might like them. I watched one this morning called '30 days' about how it takes your brain about 30 days to gain a good habit or lose a bad one. Just do something every day for 30 days and it's hard wired. I've started watching one every morning and it' really helping me feel inspired every day and get thing done. x

  2. Look forward to seeing your blogs 'new look' x


  3. I love a resolution... good luck with yours. Might check out those TED talks...

  4. Those TED talks sound really good! Think Joe told me about them before. Defo check them out.


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