Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Bonjour mon ami. Sorry for this lack of blogging. Over Easter we crammed 9 people into our trusty old VW van & drove all the way from Devon, to Dover, to Calais, to Toulous & then to the Canal du Midi... It was pretty intense, but so so lovely. We hired a canal boat & drove along the canal eating bread & drinking coffee & pretending we know anything about wine. Anyway, now I'm home & back to work. Well, maybe just one more day off so I can go & buy bits to do up my bike! (I've only just learnt how to ride at the grand age of 21, I always lived on a big big hill).

Hope everyone had a super Easter :) My head is full of new ideas & exciting plans for the summer.


  1. So jealous of yur holiday, it sounds and looks amazing. Hopefully seeing Alice next week so I can hear all about it! xx


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