Pat Albeck

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

On Sunday caught the end of Desert Island Discs with Pat Albeck. I've not heard of Pat before but something about the way she spoke about design and creating work for others was so wonderful, it made me turn the radio up and sit in silence for the rest of the show. She went to the Royal College of Art in 1950 and I just can't imagine what a weird and wonderful time it was to be studying this subject. She said she paints every day and that you have to keep it up otherwise it's too hard to go back. She said you have to create stuff that you would want, and you want to buy and not try to please other people, she said other things and you should listen to them here.

Without Radio 4 I wonder if I would learn anything.

Pictures from Googs and Pat Albeck's website.


  1. I listened to that one too...very inspiring. Love Radio 4. Happy sewing....

  2. I have this in my podcast queue but I hadn't heard of her so thought 'Eh, one day'. Now having seen this post I am running back to my iPod to listen! I adore her National Trust work above! What an amazing lady.

  3. This sounds fab - I'm going to listen to it today, thanks for the heads up!


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