Elephant Head for Edinburgh

Friday, 13 March 2015

Way back last September I was asked to make a papier mache head/mask for the Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show. The theme for this years show was 'The Elephant in the Room' combining their two charities Elephant Family and Scottish Association for Mental Health. I was so pleased to be asked, and although it was really time consuming (I got through a lot of trashy shit on Netflix waiting for newspaper layers to dry) it was really enjoyable to do something different to sewing.

They've used the head on their blog as an alternative to the normal street style picture, to create an anonymity when talking about ones feelings, such a great idea for some real good causes.


  1. Aah, he (she?!) is lovely! Those colourful ears!
    (also nice as a former Edinburgh-er to see elephants wandering round my old stomping grounds :) )

  2. Amazing elephant!! What a great cause/concept too.


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