Dreary Days & Re-Designs.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Hello there lovelies, I hope everyone's having a nice week?
It has been pretty darn dreary around here. To say the least. It's so hard to drag yourself out of bed in the morning when it feels like the middle of the night.
This is the view from my windows. Beautiful, but also very unappealing to get out of bed. This weather is perfect to stay in bed with tea & toast & watch Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion. (I've been craving that film for a few weeks now). & The lights in the house are on constantly...
On the upside, this weather is perfect for getting some admin done. You don't have to feel bad about missing out on some sunshine or staring into a screen. So this week has been heavy on uploading, picture taking, redesigning blogs & all sorts of things. Not all my own to be honest. I'm very good at wanting to do other people's work (the grass is always greener eh!) so at the start of the week I revamped Rob's blog & he did his website again. Then, I uploaded a bunch of new stuff onto his Etsy.
We do a lot of work together, which is very nice. A while ago I hand screen printed a bunch of sweatshirts, some with my designs & some with Rob's. I had them in my Etsy shop for a while, but I felt that they made the whole thing look a little messy, they didn't look right amongst my other items. So, even though we don't have many left, I have put a few in Rob's shop. Check them out, they are a bargain, & those sweatshirts are so comfy & cozy for the winter.

As you can probably see I have redone my blog as well. This week I am aiming to get the rest of my photos back from the shoot & create a website as well. I hope you like the way it looks so far, it needs work, but it's a start. I ended up buying a template from Blog Milk. This is so not like me, as I really do love the geeky stuff of playing around with html & all that jazz, but I got tied up in circles trying to change my blog & then I couldn't get back to my original layout. In the end, I needed help. & to be honest, I like this simple style a lot.

Well, I must go & sit in front of my blow heater in my studio & do some cutting & pinning this morning. What is the weather like where you are? Does anyone else just want to hibernate!?


  1. Wow the first photo is amazing, it seems like being inside a fary tale!
    And yes in winter I want to hibernate all day long!
    *Luckly in Barcelona it seems summer right now.

  2. Yes SO depressing and un-motivating! Defo up for hibernation. Or some sunshine would be nice.

  3. Just found your blog and love it already. Love the sweatshirt and the milk drawing. So inspiring :)

  4. I'm fighting winter, but I don't think I'm winning. Who invented the post it?

  5. Love your new blog theme. I'm so bored of mine and I don't have the patience to do all the CSS etc fiddling. Very tempted to buy one of the Blog Milk ones too! x

  6. these photos are amazing, very powerful, especially the first two. i love them and i think you are very talented.
    X jane



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