Studio Sunday: Not For The Faint Of Heart...

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

(I know it's no longer Sunday - I'm running a few days late this week in my brain)

I understand that some people might find it hard to take, but I am uncontrollably messy. It actually becomes quite a problem really, but, I'm working on it, honest.
Before Christmas & New Year I was doing a lot of work in the dining room, which of course had to be cleared so everyone wasn't eating Christmas dinner amongst piles of shredded fabric & pattern pieces. So, it all got taken up & dumped into my studio without me sorting through it. Now I know that Christmas was 2 months ago now (wow time flies) but I have just been pushing the mess aside, or moving my sewing machine to my bedroom (also a state), anything to avoid organising the mound of fabric scraps that I have accumulated.

So, now I have started to sort it. I know that this doesn't look like I have, but I promise, things have to get worse before they get better... I've heard...

If anyone knows if you can recycle small scraps of fabric I would really love to have some help? I have searched the internet but only get information about recycling garments or old bedsheets. I keep all my largish scraps to make other things with, but some are so tiny & I feel so sad land-filling anything, it makes my stomach turn as I'm sure that they can be re-spun into something new!

Anyway, here goes:

So, I didn't manage to finish my studio, buuuut, I did manage to make this cake with homemade pineapple flowers (inspirtation). It was deeeelish!

Right, back to work...


  1. Gosh your cakes always look so good... I'm very messy too, problem is I hate mess and can't think straight when everything is in a muddle, which means I never think straight I guess. Anyway, ask your local charity shop, they often will bag up rag to be recycled (our local one gets paid a fiver a bag apparently).

    1. Ahh thanks so much! I will ask around the charity shops, as I'm in them enough :) I'd feel so much better knowing they were being recycled. Otherwise I could get over run with rag rugs.

  2. Wow, that cake looks amaaazing! Can I have a piece, please? :)

    I'm a really messy person, too. Not in the rooms which my roommate and I share, but in my own room. Clothes all the way on the floor and simply EVERYWHERE. I think it's because my mum was a neurotic and always concerned about cleaning and tidyness. That messy being of me is a late rebellion against her, haha ;)

    1. I'm afraid I've now finished the whole thing! Oh dear. I know I think I am the same, my mum was always tidying up after me so I now just leave a trail of destruction. :)

  3. Loving the cake Izzy, looks stunning. I might try some of those pineapple flowers. I finally cracked making big vegan cakes the other day with a delicious black forest cake.

    Maybe you could sell your fabric scraps as fat quarters? Depends on how big the pieces are, but I'm sure you could sell them on ebay, in your shop or a market stall. Or find someone who likes to quilt. Maybe freecycle them?

  4. Wow love those pineapple flowers! That cake looks gorgeous. Are the scraps big enough to be made into a patchwork quilt? If so I'd buy them from you or if not, you could actually compost them if you have a composter in your garden.


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