Spring Forward.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Golly gosh, it feels like I haven't blogged in a very long time. I'm sure I'm not missed, but I have missed it.
Last week something crazy happened & somehow everyone seemed to get onto my Etsy & start ordering (finally). Perhaps it was the fact the sun has come out & people are starting to buy summery dresses, or perhaps it was that I had a 35% sale? Hmmm.

Well, anyway, I have been busy busy, making, sewing, getting ready to go on holiday, finishing very old orders, sorting things out, buying junk I don't need from the recycling centre, eating food & sitting in the garden. The usual. But it's been gloriously sunny - perfect English weather. I love the country side!

Right, well here are some pics off my phone of recent activities. Next week I'm thinking of setting up an Instagram for I Know & my makes, so watch out & follow please.

1. A beautiful barn near our house (I want it!) 2. Packed car coming back from Cornwall. 3. Sunshine coming through my studio window. 4. Fabric flower. 5&6. Breaky in bed for RM's birthday. 7. Playing with Jude at Chagfood. 8. Bespoke red & apple print cape ready to post.

Okay dokey. Hope all have had a lovely weekend. Is it sunny where you are? Today I wore a sleeveless dress & suncream (maybe over cautious).
Happy official beginning of British summer time.


  1. Beautiful photos, making me nostalgic for Devon again. So great you've had a rush of orders, I definitely think it's the sunshine that's getting people in the mood for buying summer dresses. I have no summer clothes! Enjoy the sun xx

  2. Very pretty photos! I've been enjoying the wonderful weather out in my garden lately too :)


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