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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Finally sharing these beautiful images of Ron from Dresses on a Clothesline blog. Ron's blog is one of my favourites as it focuses on ethical and fairtrade fashion, which I feel is lacking from so many consumer based fashion blogs, it's refreshing to see someone young, without a ton of money, choosing to buy this way.

The Blue Bells Of dress is one of my favs from my latest collection as it brings in the old 'classic' more fitted shape that I've made so many times with the unpredictable aspect and unique feeling of the hand dyed fabric.

I love the feel of these photos and the sense of that hot breeziness that you can get on walks around Italian towns. This dress is soft and perfect for such days, and I still have a enough fabric left to make up a few, you can buy here.

Oh to be eating an ice-cream in the hot sun right now... hmmmm.

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