Tangled Wood

Saturday, 15 November 2014

My new collection and website are now live and you can take a look at isabelknowles.com. Also, see the whole lookbook for Tangled Wood here. Last weekend when I was in London we did this last minute shoot with a couple of ginger babes I'm lucky to have at my disposal (my sister and friend). It was still a tad dingy so lots of looking up trying to catch the light.

The name Tangled Wood was actually the last thing to be finalised about this collection. I knew the shapes and colours were based around and trees and leaves but my mind drew a blank. After going to see the William Morris exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery (which was wicked) I stumbled across the following poem and it seemed to fit just right...

Lo, when we wade the tangled wood,
In haste and hurry to be there,
Nought seem its leaves and blossoms good,
For all that they be fashioned fair.
But looking up, at last we see
The glimmer of the open light,
From o’er the place where we would be:
Then grow the very brambles bright.
So now, amidst our day of strife,
With many a matter glad we play,
When once we see the light of life
Gleam through the tangle of to-day.

I hope you like this little collection. There's a wider range of organic cotton fabrics in it which I really enjoyed working with.

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