Quiet Celebrations and Thank Yous

Thursday, 17 October 2013

I always think around this time of year as a sort of birthday time for this little project of mine. Although it sort of snuck up on me and there was no real launch or anything fancy like that, it's been two years now since I started sewing and opened up my Etsy shop

Thanks for sticking around, reading my nothings on this blog and make it possible for me to make a little bit of money and get a lot of satisfaction out of my home grown business. I feel lucky and it still takes me a bit by surprise that it's actually something that's, like, just happening, if you catch my drift.

This is a picture of the cake we had to celebrate new born babies, pregnant bellies and say farewell and good luck to friends.

I like the way that life moves on, without you noticing, just sort of taking you with it.


  1. Oh that cake looks yummi ^^ Btw. when will your a\w for this year be ready? :-)

  2. Hello Lisa, I had a little change of plan from my original AW collection and am set to release my Winter collection at the beginning of November (I hope). I'll definitely be sharing some pictures soon of my work in process so keep an eye out!

  3. I like your blog! Cool pictures and entries! I greet: )

  4. Congratulations. People who live their dreams are always the most interesting!


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