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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

We rearranged the bedroom and it is an awful mess. Can't seem to find enough space for everything to be put away / Taking product photos for Rob's new online shop / My sister was home last week and we chose the fabric for her bridesmaid's dresses that I'll be making / Surprise presents in the post from my sweet friend Sarah, some amazing wooden knitting needles and some new music for my ears / Making even more of a mess by getting out old photos. I love these instant photos and will share some here soon. Also, lovely old photos of my parents in the 70s ( oh dear my dad's hips and ginger 'fro) / Boiled eggs for breakfast.


This week I have also been listening to this song on repeat. Beautiful.


  1. Such lovely photos, even if they are of a mess. :) I see that you like the label makers too, i was extremely sad when I purchased the smashbook brand label maker (old school style) because the tape isn't sticky enough and i find them peeling off of everything even when I use my atg to add more adhesive. GRRRRR.
    Good luck with organizing!


  2. Wow lovely!!! You're wallpaper is gorge!!!!

  3. I love these photos of your space :)

  4. I can relate to your messy room. We just moved from a three bedroom apartment, to a studio and nothing seems to have a home. Tossing it all seems the best option ha. Lovely images of life's little moments.


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