Summer's End

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

I feel rather odd about the end of this summer. I feel all excited about starting new things - I can't shake that 'back to school' feeling in September. However, we really haven't had the best of summers here - weather wise. I keep reading people's posts about how the weather is changing & things are cooling down, but it is more sunny here this week than it has been during the summer!
 Having said this, I just got some photos developed from a few months ago & I am already missing the fact that summer is officially over, & now we have to get into long johns mode.

Anyway, my last post was very word heavy, so let's just get on with some pictures.
Sunny days in the garden, making lists & drinking milkshakes.
(I'm actually wearing a dress I made for once - see post here)
A brief trip to Italy with Rob, Lil & Josh.
 Lots of days traveling. (Bristol station)
 Even more days spent sat outside this lovely truck.

Well I never, what a lovely busy summer. Now it's time to knuckle down... & hope that there will be snow this Christmas. I do love a good season change.

What is everyone's favourate part of the year?


  1. Ah it's always nice to wait a while before developing photos, then you get a nice surprise! These are lovely, and yeah, make me miss the warmth! I love all the seasons at the beginning, when they feel different and refreshing... this year I'm a bit nervous about winter because the house I've moved to looks like it might be FREEZING and I'll be too poor for central heating! x

    1. It is nice to get your films developed all in one go at the end of the summer or something but I can never wait that long. I know - my house has no central heating either so I am glued to my blow heater but that eats electricity! Oh well, wooly jumpers I think.

  2. I am afraid nothing feels like summer for me..

    1. Oh no! England is so cold it doesn't ever feel much like summer here either.

  3. awesome photos! i love that dress so much :)

    its so strange now, that summer seems so far away! i would love to go to italy, hoping to go sometime with the man.

    beautiful photos



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