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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

I found this book in the garage, it belonged to my granma. I think it's lovely. Anyway, I have made a papier mache bird.
This is how:
The usual suspects when it come to some pap mach, I taped up a few balls of newspaper , then smothered them in the sticky stuff.
Popped a tail on the bitch & left him to dry.
I added a beak, and some spindly legs that don't really work, gave it a few more layers of pap mach. It is now it lost all resemblance to a real bird. So I'll pretend it's a made up bird.
Here comes the paint...
Glue gunned on some button eyes, I think it makes them look dead. I like it.
Can't resist an excuse to use my stamp.
This is the finished thing standing in some plants. Rob says that lumps give it character, mine is such a ruddy character.
Unrelated: This is my fav snack. I love bean sprouts & balsamic vinegar.
This is my new puppy Arthur. He's a mother flimping cutie.


  1. Love the little blue birdy, I took a photo of a kingfisher yesterday and he looked a bit like your bird...
    make me a pap mache kingfisher for my bedroom, pretty please? I will give you five hundred rupees! (it sounds like more than it is but still..)
    A x

  2. Hello I like this blog and I like your bird too. Do more!
    Come and see my blog, it is full of nothing & nobody too.


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