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Born in the English Riviera, but raised deep in the wilderness of rural Dartmoor, I went to London for a year to study at Chelsea College of Art. I now live back in Devon, & work from my little home studio.

I like to make stuff, it’s probably one of my favourite things in the world. When it turns out well. When it doesn’t turn out well I normally get angry & cry about it. Damn you Mary Berry & your lemon tart!

Currently running my own clothing label of handmade dresses, this blog documents my creative processes and inspirations. Along with nothings of life and such.

Thank you for looking at my blog & please let me know if you do something interesting or boring that I might like. I like most things that are pretty, to do with patterns, sheds, old furniture, books with lots of pictures, cooking (& eating) desserts, homemade things, arty stuff, To Do videos… all the usual really!

I’m not claiming originality, but I enjoy the norm of the unconventional.

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