You Give A Little Love - Valentine's Giveaway!

Friday, 8 February 2013

Hello there, well I've got a little Valentines day outfit to share, oh & a present to say 'I totally heart you'...

/ / Dress - my Poppy Dress in green / / Collar Clips - Ladybird Likes / / Shoes - Kate Kanzier  / / Duvet cover - Cath Kidston \ \

So as Valentines day is swiftly approaching, I thought I'd do a little giveaway here to say thanks for reading. I am offering one lucky lady (or gentleman?) these sweet pastel pink collar clips from Ladybird Likes. I've done a lil bit of a Moonrise Kingdom styling here with my favourite pair of brogues & some binoculars, naturally.

The dress in the photos is a little sneak peek into my Spring Summer collection. The Poppy dress that was part of my AW12 was the most popular in the collection, so I thought, hey, why not make it in some new summery colours & fabrics. So I did.

To enter in this giveaway all you have to do is make sure you follow my blog (only if you actually want to, not just cos you like presents) then leave a comment here saying what pretty colours you love to wear most in the summer time (yes I'm using this for market research too). If you want another entry check out my Facebook page here. Giveaway closes on Tuesday 12th Feb, good luck lovelies.

Oh & I'll leave you with this...

* * Giveaway winner is Becky Bedbug! - Enjoy your collar clips :) * *


  1. Those collar clips are beautiful, I spotted them a few moments ago on Facebook :) I love the styling too, I'm currently browsing Kate Kanzier now, despite knowing I should not/could not buy anything! My favourite colours to wear in the Summer definitely have to be romantic and dreamy pastels. Mint (not unlike the colour of the dress above), pale peachy/pink, and lilac. Ahh, roll on sunshine and being able to roam about without a coat again :) xx

  2. Those are soo cute! :) Ever since I moved to Boston I feel like everyone is devoid of color in the winter so I can't wait for spring and summer to roll around so I can bust out all the bright colors! For summertime, I love florals and lace, and lately I've been obsessed with mint and lace together. I actually bought a minty lace dress in November that I absolutely adore but is far too springy to wear right now.

  3. So pretty! I love those heart-shaped collar clips!


  4. Hmm, summer... I live in a city that has an 8 month summer (12 months if you're from England...) so really it's just all my clothes. But uh, in particular, I love to wear really bright clothes - hot pink shorts or a lime green headband....

  5. I live in Seattle, so our actual summer seems to only last about a month and a half. I love wearing warm colors like yellow and orange or my favorite color (green). And also white. I hope that helps.

  6. Great styling - love Wes Anderson! Also adore Ladybird Likes!
    Summertime for me means greens and blues - just love the muted, vintage-feel shade of green you've chosen here. Floral prints are also high on my list, and pastel hues are starting to sneak in... I love how feminine and pretty they are. xo

  7. They are absolutely lovely! My favourite summer colours are for sure turqouise and light blue, always with a denim jacket. I hope that helps out a little!


  8. The collar clips are so cute - thanks for the giveaway! My favourite summer colours are any shade of pink, pale blue/turquoise, lilac - and that green you've chosen for the dress could definitely become a new favourite!

  9. Hey, I love those clips they are really cute and look great with your fab dress! I love wearing coral pinks and turquoise is my favourite

  10. These are adorable!!! I was Suzy Bishop for Halloween so I am a huge fan of your photos! I think any girl would rather wear her heart on her collar than her sleeves;) My all time favorite color is a pale peachy pink, however I have been coveting baby/powder blue as of late.

  11. Oooh! These clips are SO pretty!! They're perfect now that we're approaching Spring (FINALLY!) and for valentine's Day, obviously!
    Lately in Summer I've been wearing a lot of cyan! I think it's a very refreshing and... happy colour! :)

  12. I do follow your facebook page and have for a while.
    My staples for summer are a rich royal blue or deep red paired with lots of lovely flowery prints. It works with two pieces being layered really well. I work summers at a concert so it means I can blend it with my uniform or just wear it normally.


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